ITR POS solution

The white label cash register behind the POS system of numerous providers

ITR Kasse

The digital POS system

The ITR POS software solution lets retail branches and chains optimize their checkout processes. Precise product allocation speeds up the checkout process as well as returns management. Additional systems can also be connected. Tasks such as evaluations and bookkeeping are made easier. Securely, transparently and efficiently.

The most important functions

Central data management

Checkout synchronization

eBon – digital receipts

Advertising on the customer display

Mobile service with Orderman connection (© NCR)

New payment systems – (EC, ApplePay, credit etc.)

Custom menus and table functions

Integration of customer cards and individually configurable discounts

Choose the ITR POS system

The checkout system can be used independently from your hardware. Countless external devices, such as EC terminals, scales, payment machines etc., can be connected to the checkout and configured in just a few steps.

The ITR POS solution interface to the tax office is Audicon-certified as well as GDPD/GOBD-compliant. This ensures the system meets the high security standards that retail branches have to uphold in daily business.

Around 400 customers from large bakery chains to gastronomy businesses to retail are already using and loving the checkout software. Thanks to the efficient interplay of stable software, rapid implementation of custom requests, flexible configuration and 24/7/365 support, individual customer requests are always supported by the software.

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